FAQ – New Year’s Eve Party

Q: What time does the party start?

A: The party starts from 7.00pm onward. Click here to see the event rundown.

Q: Where will the party be located at?

A: The party is located by the poolside and Sand Stage.

Q: How do I reserve my tickets online?

A: Click the “Reserve Here” button in the event page on our website, fill up your details and the admin will be in touch with you within 24 hours, or the next working day. Pre-payment via credit card or interbank transfer is required to reserve your tickets online.

Q: Where do I collect the tickets if I have made an online tickets reservation?

A: Tickets can be collected at the ticket counter in our Lobby from 7.00pm onwards.

Q: Will I be able to purchase the tickets on 31st December 2018?

A: Yes! You can. However, it is subject to availability and it is based on first come first serve basis.

Q: What is included in the party pack?

A: Whistles, party hats and exciting goodies!

Q: What does “diners” mean?

A: “Diners” are guests that have confirmed a NYE dinner reservation at any of our 3 restaurants. Click here to see all of our New Year’s Eve Dinner promotion.

Q: What does “Stage Pass” mean?

A: “Stage Pass” is our annual membership in Hard Rock Hotel Penang, exclusively for Malaysian & expatriate residents. Click here for more info, or to sign-up!

Q: Do you serve a-la-carte menu on New Year’s Eve?

A: We will not be serving a-la-carte menu on New Year’s Eve. Hotel guests may book any of our F&B promotions in advance here.

Q: Will there be seats available during the party & can I reserve my tables?

A: As it is a free-standing poolside party, there will be no tables and chairs available, only cocktail tables. Reservation of tables are not allowed, and it is based on first-come-first-serve basis.

Q: What type of drinks are served during the party?

A: Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available at the Sand Bar during the party.

Q: Will diners & in-house guests receive the complimentary drinks and party pack?

A: Diners & in-house guests will only receive passes to enter the party. Party pack and drinks are not included in the passes.

Q: Are kids allowed to enter the New Year’s Eve Poolside Party?

A: Yes! We love kids & they are allowed to join in the fun. Lil’ rockers, however, are not allowed to enter the Hard Rock Cafe New Year’s Eve Party due to strict entertainment license.

Q: Where can I see photos of the previous years’ New Year’s Eve Party

A: Feel free to check out our Facebook page here for photos!

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